In 2012, Stoneman adapted the Community Suported Agriculture model to his farm-brewed beer, and offered the first Beer CSA in Western Massachusetts.

This year, the Beer CSA is back!

Pick up a special mixed case every other month from April - October. Each case will have a selection curated by Stoneman—expect old favorites and new brews; a variety of styles—some ales, some lagers, some IPAs; and a variety of packaging—some in bottles, some in cans.

4 cases total, each with the equivalent of at least 12 bottles (192 oz).

Colrain Living Lager

Colrain Living Lager pre-orders open this week!

100% of the profits from the first batch of this new beer will be donated to the Colrain Historical Society and the Colrain Veterans Memorial fund. At least 50% of the ingredient cost will come from local and regional farms.

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Invest in Stoneman

"Starting a business is a lot like building a stone wall. Starting with a strong foundation is key to creating something that will last."

Stoneman Brewery has created a Crowd Sourcing Investment Campaign where you can directly contribute as an Investor. 2021 is going to be an exciting year for Stoneman Brewery. Some of the projects include...

  • Mobile Bar Trailer
  • Seasonal Beer Garden
  • A new model for our Beer CSA
  • The return of the "Beer Share" collaboration series

Exciting things are brewing at Stoneman!

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