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Come say hello! Stoneman Brewery is open to the public the first weekend (Sat - Sun) of every month, April through December from 10am-4pm.

2024 Open Dates:

* Beer CSA pick-ups
** Crafts of Colrain 

20 Stetson Brothers Rd Colrain MA 01340
Cell phones don't work and GPS tends to get people lost so please make sure you turn onto Stetson Bros Rd from Adamsville RD.
Stoneman is Growing – and We Need Your Help!
We’re excited to announce that Stoneman has been accepted for a $20K grant, but we need to match this amount by raising $20K ourselves. With your support, we can unlock this grant and continue our mission of crafting exceptional, local-first beer. Help us expand and keep the spirit of Stoneman alive. Together, we can make it happen!

Help Us Grow!
Vert Frisson Saison
The Vert Frisson Saison (french for "season of the green shivers") is a one-of-a-kind creation, made in collaboration with the Forest Kitchen project as a one-time experiment and piece of consumable art. It's crafted with early spring evergreen tips from Hemlock, Fir, Spruce, White Pine, and Yellow Pine, plus a touch of dried spring nettles. It has a deeply unique herbal and floral quality with notes of pine, arising from these fresh forest ingredients.

Though it was planned to be a single batch, due to its overwhelming popularity and prestigious recognition as a winner in the Good Food Awards beer category, we're ecstatic to announce a second batch of the Vert Frisson Saison is now ready! CSA members (and anyone else) can pick some up on our open weekends, while it still lasts!
Stoneman Beer CSA
The Beer CSA is a total of 4 cases (12 - 500ml bottles per case) of beer to be picked up one case at a time on the first weekend of April, June, August and October of 2024. Expect old favorites and new brews; a variety of styles - some ales, lagers and IPAs, Porters, Stouts and unique Stoneman creations!

The brewery will be open the first weekend of every month. CSA members will have the option to come up to Stoneman Brewery in Colrain that weekend to sample and mix their own case of beer!

If you aren't able to make it during Stoneman Brewery's open weekend, the mixed case is created and sent to Pine Hill Orchards in Colrain. Your mixed case can be picked up starting at noon on the Wednesday after the open weekend.

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(I'm 21 or older, and I understand I'll be carded when I pick up my beer)

No customization is possible with cases picked up from Pine Hill, thank you for understanding.
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